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Galerie Metisse

Galerie Metisse at ArtMedia Haiti provides you with historical and timely information on the internationally renowned Haitian art scene. Here you will find a wide and varied selection of Haitian Art for purchase as well as a vast amount of documentation on Haitian Art and Artists.
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Offer yourself, a family member or friend a Free Subscription to The ArtMedia Haiti News to Win one of the two paintings raffled each month by ArtMedia Haiti.
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The ArtMedia Online Journal provides you with the latest news on Haitian Art and the Artist that have made it an International phenomenon.
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Permits you to view the more outstanding works by featured artists . Here you will find our favorites, recommendations and suggestions.

Here you will find reports, profiles and interviews of the key figures of Haitian culture.

La Rencontre des Trois Mondes

Langage nouveau qui exigeait une descente aux enfers, pour appréhender la vérité d'un peuple


We are Ugly, but We are Here. Texts by Edwidge Danticat and photos by William Coupon .
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