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Biographies & Profiles
Here you will find a in-depth collection of Biographies and Profiles of Haitian Artists.
Articles & Commentary
We invite you to explore this extensive collection of Articles and Commentaries from authors, critics and journalists who cover the Haitian Art Scene.
Testimonials & Tributes
Review the Testimonials and Tributes to Haitian Art from a wide range of specialists.
Books & Essays
Explore the collection of Haitian Art Books and Essays available for purchase from Galerie Metisse at ArtMedia Haiti.
Videos & Films
Here you will find Videos and Films on Haiti Art currently available.
We invite you to visit and support the wide variety of resources on Haitian Art available on the Internet.
Haiti Links
Explore a wide range of links and online resources on Haiti and the Haitian People.
Art Links
Discover an extensive collection of Art Links and Resources

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