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Lori Manuel Steed was born and grew up in Haiti in an artistic environment. Lori has a degree from Centenary College in the United States with a specialization in graphic art, illustration and art history. She pursued her education in the same majors in Paris, France where she attended "l'École des Arts Décoratifs" rue Beethoven and "L'école du Louvre". She later returned to the United States to Parsons School of Design for a specialization in "Preparing art for printing".
Lori has worked as a freelance Graphic artist since 1984. In Haiti , she has exhibited her personal work at Festival Art Galerie, Axelle Liautaud's Gingerbread, Le Centre d'Art, and Expression Gallery. In Saint Augustine , Florida at Gallery of the Americas
Lori is also a Board Member of the "Fondation Centre d'Art de Jacmel" a non-profit organization which promotes art education for up and coming artists in the Jacmel region of Haiti .
In 1989 she founded Galerie Metisse and has since organized Haitian Art shows in Haiti and the United States.
In 2001 she co-founded the online gallery ArtMediaHaiti with Birgit Coles.

Birgit Coles is an American who was born in New York of German parents. She has an International Business degree from The George Washington University. She was fascinated by Haitian art the moment she arrived in Haiti in 1995. Her research into the potential of the new communications technologies for the promotion and distribution of Haitian art throughout the world led her to join Lori Manuel Steed in creating ArtMedia Haiti in 2001.
Birgit and her Haitian born husband Philippe are avid Haitian art collectors.
Lori Manuel Steed and Birgit Coles shared the dream for creating an online Gallery.Their partnership with InterMedia allowed it to become a reality. Together, in 2001, they created ArtMedia Haiti , The Center of Haitian Art .

We invite you to get in touch with us for any questions, suggestions or to express your needs, via the online contact form provided here or at any of the addresses below.

Birgit Coles
[email protected]

Lori Manuel Steed
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