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In this All Artists category you will find all of the artists currently featured and all of the paintings currently for sale at Galerie Metisse at ArtMedia Haiti.

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We invite you to discover the past, present and future stars of Haitian art. We hope you will enjoy your exploration throughout the extraordinary world of Hatian Art and the artists who immesurably enrich our culture. Thank You.
Andre, Sergine >>>
Sergine Andre was born on October 12, 1969 in Verrettes in the Valley of The Artibonite River.
Anacreon, Wilson >>>
The simplicity of everyday life, transformed into poetry
Armand, Gesner >>>
Gesner Armand was the director of the Museum of Haitian Art at College Saint-Pierre from 1984-1994.
Benjamin, Mario >>>
Mario Benjamin has poignantly claimed the right to freedom of expression.
Bigaud, Wilson >>>
Wilson Bigaud is a walking legend in the full flourish of his second career.
Blaise, Andre >>>
The four Blaise brothers have created a unique creative dynasty.
Blaise, Saint-Louis >>>
Blaise´s reputation has spread rapidly. He has been in a number of shows in the U.S. and Europe. His works are in the most prestigious private collections the world over and he is considered one of the best of the new generation of Haitian artists.
Blanc, Jean-Claude >>>
Haitian art is full of scenes of workers in fields or on fishing boats, of bustling, open-air marketplaces, and of weddings and other social ceremonies.
Byron, Bourmond >>>
The Haitian artist finds holiness in the ordinary subjects of every day life.
Camille, Fritz >>>
A study of Haiti offers significant and valuable insights on an understanding of a people whose history has been one of struggle and survival, and whose art speaks of brilliance, creativity and wit.
Carrie, Clausel >>>
The artwork is best appreciated as a totality, the exuberant output of a very specific culture.
Chavannes, Etienne >>>
The earthy grace and dignity of ordinary daily living.
Chenet, Burton >>>
What is most striking in his work is the abundance of colors, intense blues from the sky and the sea, the strong greens of palm trees, the ebony black of the wrought iron artist, colors softened by reminiscences of autumn, the brownish ochre, raw sienna.
Chery, Fritzner >>>
Haitian artists are preoccupied with capturing, in vivid detail, the country´s verdant tropical landscapes and the exotic birds and other creatures that inhabit them.
Clermond, Julien >>>
To understand Haiti is to understand Vodou -- a religion, a national memory bank and a way of grappling with current social problems, all wrapped up into one.
Coupon, William >>>
I had decided to spontaneously fly down to Haiti in March of 1979. This was my first experience in the third world, and it changed the way I saw things forever.
Coutard, Gabriel >>>
The African heritage in Art has produced ramifications beyond the shores of the continent and the oceans.
Cupidon, Dieubeni >>>
The rhythms of the countryside.
Denis, Rousseau >>>
His work has been exhibited several times in Tokyo and Paris.
Desarmes, Georges >>>
Each artist in Haiti has a unique view of the world.
Dominque, Francois >>>
Haitian paintings reflect the cultural creativity and the pride and joy of the Haitian people.
Domond, Destin >>>
It is said that Haiti has more artists per capita than any other place in the world.
Dubic, Jacques-Antoine >>>
Art, Haitian-style, is both a way of life and a way of making a living.
Dubic, Ossey >>>
He began painting with his cousin Abner Dubic
Duffaut, Prefete >>>
Préfète Duffaut was born in Jacmel, January 1, 1923. As a child he helped his father build sailboats used for Haitian coastal traffic.
Dupoux, Marithou >>>
By choosing the career of artist, I chose a difficult way of long working hours and constant concerns. I want by my art to share what I feel as a woman, as a Haitian and honest woman.
Durand, Petizil - Piracasso >>>
Piracasso works on his art during the day, and works as a security guard at night.
Durosaire, Juvenal >>>
Juvernal Durosaire began painting in 1979 with the famous Artibonite painter Ismael.
Duval-Carrie, Edouard >>>
A renowned painter with a world-class reputation, exhibited internationally and collected by the cognoscenti.
Edme, Jean-Idelus >>>
He has been a member of the Centre d´Art since 1985 and became an employee there in 1994.
Exil, Levoy >>>
Levoy Exil dazzled Andre Malraux during his 1977 visit to Haiti
Faublas, Paskal >>>
Paskal Faublas has broken beyond the barriers between art and craft.
Fouchard, Marie-Louise >>>
Since her return she has been teaching art to children with special needs and has consistenly been involved in education in Haiti.
Francois, Roger >>>
Roger Francois was born around 1928 in Petite Riviere, on the Artibonite plain of central Haiti.
Gerard, Lafortune >>>
Gerard´s work is highly valued by serious collectors.
Gordon, Leah >>>
Leah Gordon is the author and photographer of A Book of Vodou
Gregoire, Alexandre >>>
Gregoire is universally recognized as one of the best of the first generation of naive artists.
Haspil, René >>>
In his youth he was a recognized soccer player until, in 1970, he decided to start painting under the tutelage of Ernst Laurent, son of Casimir Laurent.
James, Accimeus >>>
In 1990 moved to Port-au-Prince where he began to be recognized for his own personal style which deviated from the style of Ecole de l´Artibonite.
Jean, Jean-Baptiste >>>
Jeanty, Petion >>>
Joseph, Gracia >>>
Gracia, a Priest, is a self-taught painter.
Joseph, Jasmin >>>
He is considered as one of Haiti´s major artists. His art is filled with fantastical animals in an imaginary world.
Joseph, Jorelus >>>
Gold medallist for the Biennal of Santo Domingo in October 1996.
Joseph, Pierre >>>
Joseph, Reynald >>>
Kenn, Stephane >>>
I was born December 23rd 1963 in Morocco of a Haitian mother and Hungarian father.
Killy >>>
KILLY (Patrick Ganthier) was born October 24th 1966 in Pétion-Ville, Haiti
Lafaille, Simon >>>
Lafontant, Yves >>>
Latortue, Philton >>>
Haitian artistic production has never been more alive, with many new branches growing.
Lochard, Duval >>>
Magloire, Stevenson >>>
A paragon of freedom and personal expression
Manuel, Michèle >>>
Her work irradiates warmth, the result of strong, bright, sunny, colors.
Meusier, Pierre Pascal - Pasko >>>
Pasko was chosen to participate with a group of international artists to paint murals in the city of Santiago, Cuba.
Mevs, Ronald >>>
One of Haiti´s modern creative geniuses. An extremely innovative painter, sculpter, and talented craftsman who works with wood metal and stone.
Michaud, Yves >>>
Mistira, Cheritus >>>
Monnin, Pascale >>>
Pascale Monnin not only paints magnificently, but also sculpts iron and works with several other Haitian artists in a live model studio she began in early 1999.
Obin, Henri Claude >>>
Henri Claude Obin was born in Cap Haitien in 1946. He is the son of Philomé Obin.
Obin, Philome >>>
To own one of his paintings is truly to own a treasure.
Paul, Dieuseul >>>
Born in 1952 in Damiens, Haiti. A founding member of the Saint-Soleil group of artists, championed by Andre Malraux.
Payas >>>
In 1992 he builds a house next to Prosper Pierre Louis, whom he visits very often watching him paint.
Pierre, Andre >>>
Andre Pierre was born in Port-au-Prince in 1916. From an early age, he was drawn to Voodoo, and he later became a Voodoo priest.
Pierre, Fernand >>>
Pierre, Gary >>>
Pierre, Maxo >>>
Pierre Maxo is a relatively young painter, born in 1969, whose works are becoming increasingly popular amongst collectors of Haitian art.
Pierrette, Emmanuel >>>
Pierre-Louis, Prospere >>>
He graces the cover of Seldon Rodmans book on Haitian Art: Haiti where Art is Joy.
Rameau, Cameau >>>
Regnault, Chantal >>>
Born and raised in France, A New York resident since 1971, Coming to Haiti since 1979.
Rochebrun, Garry >>>
Ronald >>>
Rosier, Elitch >>>
Saint-Brice, Robert >>>
Saint-Fleurant, Louisianne >>>
The Saint-Soleil painters were -discovered- in the early 1970´s by Andre Malraux, are heavily influenced by the voudou religion.
Similien, Emilcar - Simil >>>
Toussaint, Bernard >>>
Valcin, Gerard >>>
Valcin, Pierre-Joseph >>>
Valmidor, Arnold >>>
Vincent, Gary >>>
Victor, Jean-Claude >>>
Vorbe, Gregory >>>
Gregory Vorbe is one of the rising young stars of modern Haitian Art.
Vital, Maurice >>>
Zephirin, Frantz >>>
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