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--> Category: Gordon, Leah 

I visited Haiti for the first time in 1991, after a post-grad in Photojournalism and have continued the relationship ever since.
Gordon, Leah

Leah Gordon is the author and photographer of 'A Book of Vodou', director of films 'Lineaments of the Lwa' and 'A Pig's Tale' and has shown her photographs of Haiti in Miami, Washington and London, including the National Portrait Gallery.

Leah Gordon worked as a freelance photographer for film, theatre and magazines and was lyricist and singer for London-based punk folk band, The Doonicans.

BA Hons in Film & Photographic Arts from Polytechnic of Central London 1980-1983
Post Graduate Diploma in Photojournalism from London College of Printing 1991-1992

Artist Statement
I visited Haiti for the first time in 1991, after a post-grad in Photojournalism and have
continued the relationship ever since. It is hard to articulate my relationship to Haiti, on one hand it is one of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere displaying some of the worst aspects of poverty and underdevelopment possible, but also it inspires like no place else, no-one else. It seems to be on a fault line of history and imagination. In Haiti
I can draw deeply from a well of both historical and creative allusion and illusion. In England I am an atheist but in Haiti, agnostic veering on the possessed. You can see more of my work on

August 1994 - photographer for the Amnesty International Report on Haiti.
March 1995 - photographic commission on Haiti during the coup for the Guardian magazine.
May 1995 - curated and exhibited in ‘Haiti: Photos, Paintings and Ironworks’ at the October Gallery, London, WC1.
Dec 1995 - worked in Rwanda and Zaire for Cafod documenting the aftermath of the genocide and life in the refugee camps.
April 1996 - curated the exhibition ‘Sacred Voodoo Flags of Haiti’ at the October Gallery.
October 1996 - photograph included in the John Kobal award at the National Portrait Gallery, London.
March - November 1997 - co-produced and directed ‘Pig’s Tale’ (documentary which linked Vodou, pigs and politics) for Channel 4 which was broadcast in October 1997 as part of the Baa Baa Zee season.
January 1998 - worked as a photographer for ‘Save the Children’ and 'Antislavery International’ in both Jamaica and Haiti.
February 1998 - photographic commission for the Times Magazine on Vodou.
March 1998 - October 1998 - researched and wrote the Lonely Planet Guide to Haiti.
March 1999 - worked on Christian Aid’s millennial poster campaign in India.
July 1999 - commission for the Times Magazine Millennium Supplement.
October 1999 - Feb 00 - wrote ‘The Book of Vodou’, a book on Vodou & Art for Quarto Publications.
February 2000 - May 00 - taught digital photography,photojournalism, story board and lesbian and gay representation at Gay & Lesbian Arts & Media in Brighton.
August 2000 - produced and co-directed film-essay, ‘Lineaments of the Lwa’, with Ophandrift Collective, exploring link between art and Vodou in Haiti.
September 2000 - running picture desk and compiling digital database for UK based agency.
October 2000 - co-curated ‘Catching the Spirit’, exhibition at October Gallery and organized a day of film and talks exploring Haitian art and its symbiotic relationship with Vodou.
February 2001 - coordinated and documented a trades union delegation to investigate working conditions on Haitian orange plantations with the GMB and War on Want.
June 2001 - photographic commission to illustrate Christian Aid’s international fair trade campaign.
July 2001 - taught photographic portraiture as a therapeutic activity course at St. Martin of Tours residential hostel for mentally disordered offenders.
September 2001 - photographed Haitian ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations as a commission for Front Magazine.
April 2002 - researching for book of photographs and oral histories of Kanaval in Jacmel.
September 2002 – photographic commission for USPG in Zanzibar.
January 2003 - exhibited ‘Ghost Train’, photography exhibition at Wiebke Morgan Gallery.
February 2003 - directed and shot documentary pilot on cross-dressing within Vodou.
March 2003 – photographic commission for USPG in Brazil.

Lineaments of the Lwa; Leah Gordon, Ranu Mukherjee, Maggie Roberts 2000
DV 30 Minutes Film Essay exploring the Vodou spirits in Haitian life, art and culture
Orphan drift studios
Produced by the Haiti Support Group

Sept 2000 'Feels Like Vodou Spirit'- Exhibition of Haitian Art
Seminar - Contextualizing Haitian Art, October Gallery London
July 2001 Seminar on Haiti, Caribbean Week for Black History Month
Department of Caribbean Studies, Goldsmiths College, London
March 2002 'Ladies of the Lwa', exhibition of Vodou art, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London
April 2002 Haitian Arts Festival. Illinois
May 2002 Haitian Film Festival, Haitian Cultural Month, Miami
'A Pig's Tale' Leah Gordon, Anne Parisio 1997
Beta, 52mins - documentary linking pigs, Vodou and US economic imperialism
A Parisio Production for Channel 4 TV in association with Arte/ Crowing Rooster Arts Inc./ Dominant 7
BROADCAST - 23rd Oct 1997 Channel 4 TV
- Nov 1997 Arte France
- Dec 1998 Free Speech TV, PBS, USA as part of Just Solutions Series commemorating 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Prizes and festivals
Best Documentary - UK Environmental Media Awards - March 1998
Berlin Black Film Festival - commended - 1998
Montreal Film Festival - jury's special mention - May 1998
Tampere Film Festival - March 1999

Photography exhibitions
Polytechnic of Central London degree show July 1983
Off the Central Line, Cockpit Gallery, Holborn Sept 1983
Welsh Open Portrait, Ffoto Gallery, Cardiff Sept 1984
Joint Show, Black Bull Gallery, Fulham Sept 1988
Lesbian Erotica, Young Unknowns, Waterloo Sept 1990
Portraits, The Metro, Soho July 1992
Photographs of Haiti, The Metro, Soho March 1993
Haiti, October Gallery, Holborn Oct 1995
John Kobal Award, National Portrait Gallery, London Sept 1996
Images of Haiti, Lambi Group, Washington Sept 1997
Catching the Spirit, October Gallery, Holborn Oct 2000
Ladies of the Lwa, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Fitzrovia March 2002
Kanaval, TapTap Gallery, South Beach, Miami Feb 2002
Wiebke Morgan Gallery, Hoxton, London Jan 2003


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