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--> Category: Delnatus, Jean-Baptiste 

Ever present in his work is the breathtaking countryside and fields filled with palm, mango and lemon trees.
Delnatus, Jean-Baptiste

Jean-Baptiste Delnatus was born in Grande Riviere du Nord and died in Port-au-Prince in 1990. Until 1972, Delnatus lived in Cap Haitian (known for its magnificent Citadel) and worked as a mechanic. He then moved to the Port-au-Prince vicinity and settled in Carrefour. It was here that Calixte Henri discovered the artistic potential of Jean-Baptiste. At Henri's invitation, Delnatus moved into Calixte's studio and began a patient and laborious apprenticeship.

Having furthered his skills considerably, he began to show paintings in 1974. His pieces were characterized by great precision. Two years later, the village of Port Salut became his home. Delnatus discovered endless subjects for his paintings in these peaceful, sun-drenched surroundings. Ever present in his work is the breathtaking countryside and fields filled with palm, mango and lemon trees. The art of Delnatus depicts every-day scenes alive with colorful realism.

1982 - International Art Expo, New York, NY
1983 - Musée International d'Art Naïf, Nice, France
1983 - Galerie Bukowskis, Zurich, Switzerland
1985 - Café de la Paix Exposition, Paris, France
1986 - International Art Exposition, New York, N.Y.
1986 - A.H. Riise Gallery, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin
1988 - Galerie Savannah Blue, Tampa, Florida

Books and Catalogues
1982 - Art Expo: New York, p. 213
1983 - Peinture Haïtienne, pp. 54-55
1984 - Paris Vogue
1985 - Un Instant De Paix Au Cafe De La Paix, p. 58
1986 - La Cite Et Les Naifs, p. 184

Permanent Collection
Musée d'Art Naïf de Max Fourny, Paris, France


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