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--> Category: Pierre-Louis, Prosper 

He graces the cover of Seldon Rodmans book on Haitian Art: Haiti where Art is Joy.
Pierre-Louis, Prosper

Prosper Pierre-Louis was born in Jacmel . He began painting with Tiga and he is one of the members of the Saint Soleil group from Soisson la Montagne in the mountains of Haiti.

This group began around 1973 as a peasant commune run by a French and a Haitian intellectual who left the country in 1979. Five of the artists stayed together and are still painting in an almost modern style of spirits and loas floating freely across the canvas.

Since their exclusive show in June of 1985 at the Villa Medicis in Rome, this group is now called Cinq Soleils. He participated in several exhibitions at the Museum of Haitian Art, the French Institute and all the major Galleries of Haiti as well as the most important exhibits in europe Grand Palais, Paris and the United States, Brooklyn Museum, NY. He graces the cover of Seldon Rodmans book on Haitian Art: Haiti where Art is Joy.

1982 - Allentown Art Museum, Allentown, Pennsylvania
1988 - Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, Paris, France
1990 - Mme. Mitterand, group show and auction, Paris, France
1990 - Exposition du Palais du Rhin, Strasborg, France

Books and Catalogues
1982 - Three Generations of Haitian Art, (Cat. #90)
1986 - Voyage Au Pays Des Naifs, pp. 42, 204-206
1988 -HAITI Art Naif - Art Vaudou, 17-21, 147, 149, 151, 164- 165, 275
1990 - Dialogue du Reel et de l'Imaginaire, p. 11
1990 - June/July Elle Decor, p. 24


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