History of ArtMedia Haiti

Lori Manuel Steed,
daughter of highly recognized Haitian artist Michele Manuel, an Artist herself, founded Galerie Metisse in 1989. Encouraged by Issa El Saieh of Galerie Issa, Francine Murat of Le Centre d'Art, Michel Monnin of Galerie Monnin, and also by Jonathan Demme who in 1991 helped her organize the exposition that put Galerie Metisse into full gear. Galerie Metisse's primary focus has been the promotion of Haitian art and artists inside and outside of Haiti.

Birgit Coles
is an American who was born in New York of German parents. She was possesed by Haitian art the moment she stepped foot in Haiti six years ago. Her research into the potential of the new communications technologies for the promotion and distribution of Haitian art throughout the world led her to join Lori Manuel Steed.

is The Haitian Internet Communications Network founded in 1997 by Haitian professionals from the technology, banking, publishing and communications sectors.

InterMedia is the creator of Haiti Global Village, Haiti's premier online community, dedicated to the Haitian people throughout the global village. InterMedia is also the creator of Port Haiti, the first, most highly developed and visited Haitian Search Engine, referencing over 1,900 Haitian sites.

InterMedia welcomes more than 320,000 visitors a month to the over 250 Internet sites, containing over 8000 pages of information, news and content it designs, develops and maintains, which are devoted to Haiti and
the Haitian People throughout the world.

Lori Manuel Steed and Birgit Coles shared the dream for creating an online Gallery.Their partnership with InterMedia allowed it to become a reality. Today, after eleven years of experience organizing art exhibits throughout the United States and Europe, Galerie Metisse has joined InterMedia in creating ArtMedia Haiti, The Center of Haitian Art.

We invite you to get in touch with us for any questions, suggestions or to express your needs, via the online contact form provided here or at any of the addresses below.

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More than a Gallery, The Center of Haitian Art.

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